Lime stone mill powder factory house
Lime stone mill powder factory house
Dawn is a special heavy industry science and technology provides power plant desulfurization equipment,The limestone desulfurization technology,Power plant desulfurization technology of desulfurization equipment manufacturers,Provide power plant desulfurization process\Power plant desulfurization technology(The limestone gypsum wet desulphurization technology),Design and production of lime stone mill powder machine,Power plant desulfurization equipment,Iron ore crusher,Iron ore stone mill powder machine power plant desulfurization, such as milling equipment manufacturers,Heavy section limestone desulfurization technology is very good complete the dawn,Is the larger domestic desulfurization equipment provider。Company headquarters is located in the henan zhengzhou national hi-tech industrial development zone,Covers an area of about60000Square meters,Has several wholly owned subsidiaries,In the streets of mechanical equipment manufacturing production base covers an area of70000Square meters。 2009Annual sales breakthrough6.8One hundred million yuan,The export3.7Hundred million。Since1987Years since its founding,Companies adhering to the scientific management methods of modern enterprise,Seiko manufacturing,Constant innovation,Rapidly growing to become a shinning pearl of our country's machinery manufacturing industry...【To check the details】
(1) Provide power plant desulfurization process
(2) Power plant desulfurization solution
(3) Install desulfurization equipment。
The limestone desulfurization:
(1) The limestone desulfurization solution
(2) Lime stone mill powder machine
Other devices:
(1) Iron ore crusher
(2) Iron ore stone mill powder machine
(3) The limestone vertical mill
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  • Power plant desulfurization equipment#Desulfurization equipment_Power plant desulfurization principle_The limestone gypsum wet desulphurization technology_Lime stone mill powder machine_Iron ore crusher grinder provider    Address:China-Zhengzhou-National high and new technology industry development zone science avenue169Number